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​​Swimming Pool Hours 2018:

Opening day is June 1, 2018

Hours are:

Lap swim:
Mon, Wed, Fri 6:30-8:00
Mon - Fri 11:00-12:00

Open swim:
Mon - Fri 12:00-8:00
Sat 1:00-6:00
Sun 1:00-6:00

Family Swim
Sat 6:00-8:00

Family pool pass is $110.00
Individual pool pass is $ 70.00
Daily adult $3.50
Daily student $3.00
Preschool $1.00
Sr Citizen $2.50


My town is the place 
where my house is found, 
where my business is located,
and where my vote is cast.
It is where my children are educated, 
where my neighbors dwell
and where my life is chiefly lived. 
It is the home spot for me.

My town has a right to my civic loyalty. 
It supports me, and I should support it. 
My town wants my citizenship,
not my partisanship;
my friendliness,
not my dissensions; 
my sympathy,
not my criticism; 
my intelligence, 
not my indifference.

My town supplies me with protection, 
trade, friends, education, schools, churches, and the 
right to free moral citizenship. 
It has some things that are
better than others.
The best things I should seek 
to make it better;
the worst things 
I should work to suppress.
Take it all-in-all,
it is my town,
and it is entitled to the best
there is in me.

(A brief article in an issue of City & Town,
the official publication of the Arkansas Municipal League, posted here with permission.)
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